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Carole Samuda Hypnotherapy to STOP SmokingSTOP! Smoking

Thank you for visiting my 'Quit Smoking' page.

I am assuming that by being here you are either looking to quit yourself, or maybe looking on someone else's behalf.

When the time is right for you to quit smoking, let's just get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

Below is a lot of information explaining how I work, and what you get for your money by working with me.  I have specialist training in smoking cessation, having been trained by Cathy Simmons at the Simmons Clinic in London.

My goal is to work with you to be free of the smoking as soon as possible, in a way that is easy and sustainable.  We will look at what smoking does for you and what it does to you.

My approach is honest and direct in a caring and empathetic way.  I stopped smoking for the final time 10 years ago and I have not looked back.  Whatever your reason for quitting - we can work together to support you, leaving smoking well and truly in the past.

I am often asked 'how long will it take'?  Well it can often (and normally does) happen in the first session.  If you want to know more about the process - keep reading.

There are just four simple steps to becoming smoke free with me.

1. Arrange an initial telephone conversation to discuss the process and how it can work for you. Get your questions answered and agree how you want to go ahead.

2. Once you agree that we will work together, I will design a bespoke package for you to ensure it addresses your needs and requirements and enables you to leave as a non-smoker and stay a non-smoker for the rest of your life. We are all different and we all have different triggers - by understanding those we can ensure you get the help you need.

3. Arrange the first (and possibly only) session of approximately two and a half hours. You will be surprised how quickly the time goes as you find yourself ready to live as someone who used to smoke.

4. Leave smoke free and ready to enjoy the new health benefits you will gain. Over the next few days you will realise how amazing your body is. It starts to heal immediately, expelling carbon monoxide, allowing the blood to flow more easily around your body. You will notice how quickly you can climb stairs comfortably, enjoying feeling your lungs working more effectively. You can really start to live life again.

Added Extra:-
It is so important to me that this is permanent and sustainable for you that I am able to offer you a Free Follow Up programme for 12 months following our initial appointment for any smoking related issues. Most people don't need to use it, but if you do, you can email, or phone me or come back to see me (by appointment) for as many follow up sessions as you need to. These sessions (if needed) are all included in the one off price. It is good to know there is support for you if life throws some challenges along the way.

To get you started, here is some free information you may not already know. We all know that Nicotine is addictive but you probably don't know why or the extent of it. We all have a natural reward system, something that gives us that real feel good factor. In nicotine addiction your natural and normal reward mechanism has been hijacked by the smoking. So really it is a parasite that has tricked the very systems that are designed to keep you safe and well and is therefore causing the desire to smoke. In other words..Öitís not your fault! However, the good news is that it is completely possible to re-educate these natural mechanisms to allow you to become free of the smoking for good. It is a bit like re-setting the process or just switching it off. And better still, when you are ready - all of this can become so much easier than you would imagine.

If you are serious about stopping smoking for good then take those first steps. Contact me to arrange a free telephone consultation. You really do have nothing to lose - but so much to gain.

How much will this cost you?
For the initial consultation, the first two and a half hour one to one session, an extensive handout to take away with you to help after becoming a non-smoker and a 12 month follow-up programme for any smoking related issues £500. At today's rate of approximately £8 per pack of cigarettes, if you smoke 20 per day you make your money back in about 2 months. What will you then do with all the money you save after that initial short period? What a fantastic dilemma to have!

Form more information on the effects of smoking click for Smoking Information

Let's start by imagining how your life could be different, better.

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II look forward to working with you.


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