Carole Samuda is an Hypnotherapist working for many years in Alton Hampshire. Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Coaching, Mind Massage Alton


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Carole Samuda Cognitive Hypnotherapist
Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Confident Childbirth Practitioner

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Carole Samuda - Theraputic Cognitive Hypnotherapist in Alton Hampshire Mindfulness and Mind Massage

Many of us enjoy time having a physical massage. The benefits are immediate and very pleasant. What if you could have the same benefits for your mind, how fantastic would that be? I offer a regular 45 minutes mind massage to help you overcome the daily stresses of life, to be at your peak of effectiveness for whatever you do, or just to relax and enjoy life. Who might benefit from a mind massage? The answer is everyone and anyone, but some people may benefit more
  • Busy professionals who need time out to keep their brain as clear as possible to allow them to be effective and proactive

  • Mums who are struggling to carry out the many roles that go with the job
    Those who need help to relax

  • Those who struggle to sleep

  • And many others.

Just like you wouldn’t book a massage to fix something major like a broken leg – so this mind massage isn’t to resolve issues that need therapeutic help. Mind Massage is about easing out the daily hassles, relaxing and pampering your mind just as you would your body. If you would like more information on Mind Massage call me on 01420 543365 or 0784 718 7046. If you would like to book a 45minute mind massage – please contact me.  See my costs page for pricing options.

 If you feel you have more knotted issues that need deeper sorting before taking up a mind massage call me to find out how I can help you to resolve any ongoing issues, please browse the site for more information. If you are feeling that the world is just rushing at you too quickly, perhaps a program of Mindfulness sessions would be to your advantage. There is research that proves that engaging in the regular practice of Mindfulness helps to re-wire the brain and how it perceives and deals with stress. There is much information available about how beneficial this type of work is. If you would like more information - please contact me to discuss how we can work together.

Call on Tel: 01420 543365 or Mobile: 0784 718 7046
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I look forward to working with you.

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