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Carole Samuda Confident Childbirth

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Confident Childbirth Practitioner

'with your positive experience in mind'

"Above all I believe that it's important that women and the partners who support them. With this confidence it becomes easier for you to cope with and manage the sensations and the process of birth, while being in a safe and positive relationship with those around you.”

Carole Samuda Confident ChildbirthChildbirth can be the most wonderful experience ever, but all too often it is surrounded by thoughts of pain and fear. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could over come those fears and move towards a birth that was positive from the start. Whether this is your first baby or you already have children I can help you learn a variety of supportive techniques you can use in your labour to help you have a more comfortable and positive birth experience.

Confident Childbirth offers a friendly and effective approach to labour and delivery to help you feel calm and in control before, during and after the birth of your baby.

Carole Samuda Confident ChildbirthConfident Childbirth uses a range of highly effective tools: cognitive hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, positive visualisation and pain management techniques so that you (and your partner) can have the best possible experience of birth. You can feel thoroughly prepared both mentally and emotionally so you can look forward to childbirth in a much more relaxed way.

You'll Learn -
  • Self-hypnosis: how to go into a state of calm relaxation.
  • Personal visualisation to aid your labour and delivery.
  • Relaxation and a range of pain control techniques.
  • How to remain positive, in control and in communication.

By the end of your sessions, you may be surprised just how empowered you feel.

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Carole Samuda Confident ChildbirthBetween us, we can discover what’s important to you about your pregnancy, birth and future life as a parent. In just a few hours of working with me you can be confident and prepared for a positive experience, letting go of anything which may once have stood in the way and looking forward to the achievement of giving birth. This approach is flexible, positive and straightforward (sometimes its so simple that you may be surprised that you didn’t think of it yourself). Confident Childbirth techniques can be used wherever you need them and once you've learned these skills, they can be used time and again in all sorts of situations. This differs from Hypnobirthing® because it is not run as group classes but individually tailored to meet your needs and wishes, rather than having a one size fits all approach. The short course is planned over four sessions, if there are extra issues to work on such as .
  • Needle phobia, or any phobias or fears relating to medical staff or the hospital environment.
  • Letting go of past issues or unwanted behaviors.
  • Anxiety and stress or relationship issues.

You can always call or email to book extra sessions or discuss these with me.

Carole Samuda Confident ChildbirthBeing Cognitive Hypnotherapists we are trained and experienced in approaching you as an individual. We know how to work in partnership with you to draw out your inner skills and strengths to assist you in confident labour and delivery. It also means that we have the flexibility to meet your precise needs so that we can notice what's going on with you and deal with it there and then.

If you are motivated to develop yourself in order to make the most of the birth experience, you will find that you benefit surprisingly quickly.

You'll get the most out of working in this way if you are curious about how you can use your mind to prepare yourself effectively for childbirth, and willing to practice in between sessions.
  • Just as your body is naturally preparing itself physically for the birth, we will be working together to prepare your mind to cope calmly with the challenges that childbirth brings.

  • You will be taught a range of techniques that you can use anywhere. You will be encouraged to practice these skills regularly, so that by the time you need them, this engaging process is second nature and effortless .
  • Being positive and calm with a working knowledge of pain control techniques, you're much less likely to need analgesic medication.

  • There is now growing evidence which has found hypnosis for childbirth is associated with shorter labour.

  • Research also shows that there's a much reduced likelihood of forceps, ventouse, or Caesarean section.

  • You'll have the ability to communicate with those around you, which means that as labour progresses you can be actively involved in any decisions.

  • We know that you don’t lose your brain the moment you conceive, so what we teach you enables you to stay calm and comfortable so that you can make intelligent choices that are right for you at any stage in this process.
  • Research shows a lower incidence of post-natal depression, shorter hospital stays and quicker postnatal recovery.

  • Your baby is likely to have a higher Apgar score (measurement of baby's well being immediately post-delivery) Many mothers report that their babies are calm, feed and sleep better due to their gentle passage into the world.

  • Reduced use of pain medication means reduction of possible undesirable side effects for mother and baby.

  • Self-hypnosis and relaxation aid breast-feeding and restful nights, allowing you to get on with life.

  • Your new tools can help you cope more easily with family life.
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