Carole Samuda is an Hypnotherapist working for many years in Alton Hampshire. Carole Samuda Confident Childbirth Practitioner Hampshire


Carole Samuda Confident Childbirth

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Confident Childbirth Practitioner

'with your positive experience in mind'

"Thank you for your inspirational session. I think it certainly enables pregnant women there partners to see giving birth from a completely different perspective from that of a medicalised event. It made me feel even more empowered confident about achieving the birth I desire.I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a healthy 6lb 7oz baby boy on Tuesday 9th August. He's our first baby

Carole Samuda Confident Childbirth" Labour birth kind of scared me before, friends family would often tell about their horror stories and as I'd never done it before, the unknown did scare me somewhat....

But after attending your one off workshop I just want to say using your techniques really worked wonders!"

"After being in labour for almost 5hrs I arrived at hospital only 2cm dilated which was a little dis heartening but after a little walk around the hospital carpark a few walks up down the labour ward staircase, I returned 75 minutes later 8cm dilated I got into the birthing pool and our little bundle arrived just 2hrs later.

And for the pain relief.....2 paracetamol 1 birthing pool!.... Oh and a playlist that we listened to most evenings in the hottub on honeymoon! That was definitely my happy place! "

Carole Samuda Confident Childbirth"I did exactly what you recommended listen to your body, let it do the work, it's what it's designed to do call me crazy, but I loved every minute of being in labour! And I've been telling everyone about your class and I will be recommend you to anyone that's willing to give it a go! I have never done any form of meditation before, and actually not sure if I did any when in labour, I just kept breathing, and remained calm whilst riding the waves.
"Me and my partner attended one of your confident birthing classes in September in Basingstoke, as we were both a bit anxious about what to expect during birth and labour as it was both our first baby.

We just wanted to let you know that our healthy 9lb 2oz baby boy was born on the 16th of October. All The breathing exercises and techniques you thought us helped me and my partner stay calm and focused during labour to the point where I needed no pain relief what so ever. After arriving at the hospital already being 5cm dilated. The midwife said I was one of the calmest looking ladies she had seen in a long time! "
Carole Samuda Confident Childbirth"You were exactly right when you said about the body knowing and doing exactly what it needed to do so all I needed to do was stay calm and listen to it. Our little one is a very content baby so far fingers crossed things stay this way. I just want to say a massive thank you for all the help and advice you gave us that led to such a wonderful birth.

Thank you again for the class - my husband and I found it really useful and I would definitely recommend it to other pregnant ladies. In addition, your enthusiasm for the subject and the way you delivered the course were excellent.

Just wanted to let you know I had an amazing birth and credit your course with the main reason for this! I almost panicked but my husband was able to calm me down and get me back focused on a natural delivery.

It was 6 hrs start to finish, and just one hour from 4cm to pushing! 4 contractions later and she flew out... I had two tiny stitches, which were more like paper cuts we think from her nails, so no actual tearing at all. All done with gas and air, and confident birthing strategies. I was home 5 hours after the delivery!

This was also a vbac so it was really amazing to experience a natural birth, I can't believe it but I actually enjoyed the experience and felt incredibly empowered afterwards."
Carole Samuda Confident Childbirth"We had a baby girl on the 13th November at 16:48. She weighed a lovely 7lb 15oz, nice and healthy.

Would like to say thank you as our first labour lasted 33 hour and ended up with an emergency c-section.

However this time round from start to finish it all lasted 11 hour. I managed 5cm at home with tense machine and breathing. And with only gas and air we managed a natural controlled birth.

I have to say thank you and really believe your breathing tips and calming suggestions really did pay off. When I thought I was about to have a wobble I managed to find composure again."
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